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Sale starts at Noon!

"A program with a plan, based on sound genetic principals."

We have been told by several out-of-state visitors, that we need to expose our herd to a lot more people. Hopefully, with this website, we can reach out to more cattlemen and women.

Our goal for this website is to let people know who we are and the cattle we have to offer. 

We thank you for viewing our website. We are always happy to show our cattle to visitors!

How It All Started

We started our herd in 1985 with the purchase of 7 registered Angus cows from the Bondell Angus and Tom Foley dispersion sales. We have added a few more cows from other sales, over 90% of the 500 cows we owned in 2012 were from those first 7 cows.
In 2012 we sold down to 165 cows. It was a very hard thing to do, but it has been extremely rewarding. We no longer have bad dispositions, bad udders, mediocre producers, or any calving problems. We can tell you each cow's life history just by looking at them.
Our Angus cows are not just a business, they are our life!
We host our annual bull sale on the second Monday in February at Faith Livestock Commission Co. in Faith, SD. 
Because of our efforts to breed cattle with traits that will make money for the commercial producer, we have built a well-trusted, respected reputation among our bull customers, which is evident in the number of repeat customers that come and buy every year.
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